If you are the fun loving kind that can’t waste a moment when outdoors, then a caravan is most likely your best companion.


In many cases, a caravan offers you the ultimate outdoor experience that you have always yearned for. Most caravans are of a single axle and they measure between 3 and 6.5 meters long. Depending on the size of your caravan you can sleep at least two people or a maximum of 8 people. Given the practicality a caravan should have especially when it comes to fun outings such as camping, the interior décor and design matter a great deal.

Accessorizing your caravan can seem daunting especially when you consider all the paraphernalia available in the market today. The best idea when it comes to interior décor of a caravan is to keep it simple and to ensure your personality is well portrayed by the caravan. Some of the sprucing things to think of are scatter cushions, fleece throws and curtains among others. Whether your caravan is static or conventional, you will need to invest some, at least as far as the interior décor goes. Here are some tips to employ;


The preinstalled beddings in your caravan might be too tough for your liking. You can change the bedding by including nice soft mattress; include some scatter cushions and even throw pillows and duvets. This will magically change the caravan’s ambience. Considering that the beddings take up a big part of the overall caravan, it is critical that you invest proportionately in this area.


By and large the sitting in your caravan should be the one area that your full attention should be focused on. Beautifying your sitting area should incorporate investing in cool curtains and comfy seats. You can remove the rather bland image that the caravan came in with. Invest in colors that excite you. When considering the best sitting area décor, don’t forget that it should compliment with the rest of the caravan. Pick upholstery covers that are both practical and which bring out the true beauty of your caravan. Don’t forget to consider the ease of cleaning the upholstery picked or the susceptibility of the materials catching dirt. You don’t want to be stuck with furniture items that are impossible to clean.


A caravan is ideally an entertainment haven where you will be running to when you want to clear your head as you enjoy some enthralling fun. Consider a simple light TV that will take up as little space as possible. Also important to consider installing CARAVAN_INTERIORis an iPod or MP3 port where you can plug in your music system and be ready to float away in fun. Strategically place the entertainment gadgets so that they compliment with the curtains, throw pillows and the general serenity of the caravan.

Decide on the type of décor to pick
There are many available options when it comes to choosing vintage, contemporary or futuristic décor of a caravan’s interior. There are unique fleece throws and pillow throws that automatically say what your personality is. The most important thing however is to marry your tastes with the space available in your caravan.

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